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Justin Timberlake is a pussy!

What the hell is wrong with Americans these days? We finally had a dream come true Superbowl sunday 2004, and everybody is crying!

Of all the best times to see titties, you would think during the Superbowl would be ideal!!

I am here to SHAME JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE for not sticking up for Janet Jackson, for claiming he was a victim of a TIT CRIME.

Justin Timberlake, you make videos more offensive than Janet Jackson's fine tittie that it makes me sick that you were on T.V. denouncing this "horrible tragedy."

Look at her tittie! Look at that piercing! It is a beautiful tit! You went from being a pimp by banging Britney Spears to a mother fucking wimp who couldn't admit to the world that it is okay to be a guy! Now the rest of the world thinks Americans don't like titties and that we are a bunch of whiny ass pussies when it comes to sex.

Damn, America, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The Jackson family didn't become famous for being pansies, they are always two steps ahead of what everybody else is doing. They are artists, performers, and all around bad asses.

Also, what message are we sending to young girls out there, who feel like they must now hide their breasts? Soon, we may have a nation full of hiding breast bitches!!


a tale of two pussies...
JANET JACKSON, you are an inspiration to tittie lovers and males throughout America, don't let this loser make you think we don't like breasts.

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