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sex rocks! but be safe.


Sexual Intercourse, a word which no matter how many times you say it, is funny til the very end!

Dr. Fritz believes in sexual intercourse, but to believe in it is to understand the process! What exactly goes on during sexual intercourse? Many young men are experiencing it right now, but with proper precaution they can enjoy it 100% worry free!

Remember, make love, not babies!!


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me want sex... FIRST A LITTLE HISTORY...

Contrary to what you may have been told, sex is an essential part to the existence of the human race. Why any species would want to endanger their survival by curbing their reproductive means is mind boggling! We are also one of the few species that encourages both sexes of the species to form a co-habitual bond once a sexual relationship has been established for the purpose of making babies.

Society has pressured men to suppress our rightly inherited biological urge to screw everything in sight, and to function and become a part of this society, we need to find that one woman and then settle down. I know there are a lot of scientific types out there supporting the documentation of lifetime mating practices of species other than man, but I have yet to see any scientific evidence of a german shepherd bitch sending out child support claims to her golden retriever dead beat father of her litter. In other words, there are no rules in nature, except for the ones we impose on it. For instructional purposes, we will be discussing sex as a recreational activity and how to enjoy it fully.


To prepare for the upcoming act, you must mentally prepare yourself. The same holds true if you do not plan to have sex, because you never know when your window of opportunity is going to come. You want to make sure you don't blow it. If it is going to be your first time, you must have a positive attitude and confidence, because a lousy first time is almost guaranteed to deter a young man in pursuing further sexual relationships with women.

hello, god, can you hear me?
dear lord, i don't ask for much, but just this once, can i have some poontang?

One of the reasons a guy thinks about sex all the time is because he needs to. Women are not pressured the way men are, for if a guy is caught unexpected, it is embarrassing if he cannot continue and ultimately end the act. All a woman has to do is lay there and act sexy. Even if a woman fakes it with a guy, there is no way a guy can fake his way out of a sexual encounter.


There are many ways to get a woman’s clothes off. You can start by asking for her name. Then maybe sit next to her in class, or grab a quick bite to eat with her and get to know her slowly. Another approach might be to dance with a girl in a club and take advantage of her body on the dance floor and she might take you home because of how you grabbed her booty, but I will not be using this kind of example. Here is what is more likely to happen..

YOU: “Hi, how’s it going?” “My name is ___________.” “I like ice cream.” “Wow, that is a pretty dress you are wearing.” “When can I pick you up.” “You have pretty eyes.” “Did you do your homework last night?” “I heard about your grandma, that's too, you wanna fuck?”

Believe it or not, half the battle to getting laid is actually going out and talking to girls. If you are one of those types of guys who daydreams about getting laid but spends all your time locked in your house behind your computer or some other activity which isolates you from the rest of the world, there is no way in hell you will ever get laid. There is no other person for you out there because you are not putting yourself out there. So remember, once you talk to a girl, you are on your way to taking off her clothes.

Look at your penis. Play with it. If you are still wondering what the hell is supposed to happen, play with it some more until you feel you are ready to continue. Now stop playing with it and continue the article.

Believe it or not, I once had a client come in and ask me which hole on a girl he was supposed to put his penis in. Up until then, I was never aware of how serious the problem was between today’s young men and vaginas. It is almost as if they are uninterested in them until one day that they realize that vaginas are great and can become great companions.

If you notice on the chart below, I am only concentrating on the lower part of the abdomen and in between her legs, since I will assume you already know what the head is for (to talk to and blow jobs) and breasts (to fondle, play with, and breast feed your unplanned children). If you are absolutely clueless to the purpose of the simple yet wonderful breasts, then you have more serious problems and should check yourself into a clinic. Also, if you do not like breast at all and think they are nothing special, then maybe you are with the wrong woman and should pay a visit to your local Spearmint Rhino’s, Dr. Fritz’s favorite tittie bar, where a man can be a man and play with titties until he runs out of money. To see Dr. Fritz’s view on tittie bars, please go here...

The vagina is not as a mysterious thing as it may seem at first. Place your mouse pointer over the image and you will see Dr. Fritz magically decipher and interpret the vagina. Yes, there are two holes indeed, and they can both be used to the fullest extent, but for know, I am assuming you are a beginning sexually active individual and will concentrate on the vagina, but do not worry. Once you have mastered these techniques you will be able to apply these fundamental to the other pleasure holes on the women’s body.

the vagina revealed

place mouse over VAGINA!

a lot of vaginas.. The vagina was meant to get stretched and penetrated by the penis, and at first it might seem a little confusing. Not all vaginas are made the same, but one thing is for sure, they literally do not look like any type of hole, the way an anus does. The way to get inside the vagina is to get it lubricated, for once it is wet and juicy, the penis will guide itself in when pushed up against it. On the picture to your left are some examples of different types of vaginas. Notice how some seem to lack vaginal lips while others look like they are a never ending slice of meatloaf. Some women like to shave their vaginas, contrary to what your significant other may tell you one day.

Getting it up is no hard thing to do, especially when there is a naked woman around. Hell, a woman doesn’t even have to be naked when a young man’s fertile imagination is running wild! It is really a no brainer once it is up, but here is when the problems begin…

listen to me!
Sugar Shane Says:
always be confident!
Having sex is like having a million emotions running through you at light speed, but the key is what emotions to harness and worry about. A guy’s first time is always the most demanding because he wants to make it seem like he knows what he is doing and he wants to last for a long time. Guys, don’t worry. First of all, she won’t be the last girl you will be with, and even if you do finish early, that just means you will last longer the second time you try it. Also, do not worry about her getting pleased, since you will have a penis in her vagina, it is almost guaranteed to make her feel something. I hope at this point you are still wearing a condom, and if you are not, pull out immediately and give your penis an acid bath.

There will come many opportunities in life when you will want to make your woman or the woman that you choose to have sexual relationships with feel really good, but when you are young and starting out on this whole sexual intercourse thing, there is no way you will be a Don Juan. Get your fun in, feel confident going in and out of her, but remember to always wear a condom, which brings me to....

NEVER TRUST A GIRL…(or the vagina)
When engaging in sexual intercourse, it is very important for you to wear a condom, because if you don’t, you will risk impregnating her, and even far more worse, you will risk the chances of screwing other women. If you thought getting laid when you were single was tough, try getting laid while your 250 pound mother of your baby is chasing you down the street in your underwear.

To be able to enjoy the great pleasures of getting laid and even better pleasure of getting laid by many women, make sure you wear protection, and never ever trust a girl who tells you she is using birth control. Besides the obvious risk of getting AIDS, HIV, and other STDs should be enough to get you wearing condoms.

smoke if you got them!
February 2004
Dr. Fritz: Unlicensed Medical Guy

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