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Women have pretty much lived crappy lives up until the turn of the 20th century. They weren't allowed to vote back then, and a lot of jobs were denied to them, but now, almost a hundred years later, they are up on top, almost on an equal playing ground. While I will admit things are not perfect yet, at least there is progress being made.

In this next essay, Dr. Fritz will discuss the real implications of Pro-Choice.


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PRO CHOICE MOTHERS (or not mothers), by Dr. Fritz

Women have the right to vote. They have access to the same education and most jobs as men. Women have done a lot and there are even a lot of women whom I would consider role models (except for Amelia Earhart, since she got lost over the Atlantic, great job Amelia!) So why is it that a lot of people still have a problem with women deciding what to do with their own body?

Abortion is not immoral...

Abortion is not a moral dilemma. It is not a question of whether it is right or wrong. It seems that most people who openly protest abortion also seem to believe that there is only one religion and color in the United States. There is such a thing as separation from church and state, but there are still a lot of public schools that have prayers in the classrooms! It is not up to the government, church or any other group to decide what a woman can or cannot do. That's what her father is for, and eventually, her husband, and sometimes a superior at work. I am surprised and almost dissapointed that women do not see the big picture here. Sooner or later, as soon as there is control over them, they will start to lose other rights slowly but surely...

The worst time, however, for a girl to start having a conscience and actually start questioning what is right is wrong is after she got pregnant. She feels pressured that she will make the wrong choice, but listen up honey:

"You already made a wrong decision, and you will probably make lots more of them throughout the rest of your life, so don't feel like this is the last mistake you will ever make. To begin with, most unwanted pregnancies are out of wedlock, so you're gonna burn in hell already if that is what you believe in. Two wrongs don't make a right, but neither does one wrong. If you are really feeling guilty, go to confession, that what it's for."

Remember, abortion is not about being doing the right things, it is about making choices for your life and hopefully learning from your mistakes.

If I get an abortion, somebody might burn down my house...

It's funny how a lot of these anti-abortion activists/terrorists are willing to cause harm to you or your family, huh? This is what TYRONE has to say about them:

"Why are there so many God-damned Jesus freaks protesting an abortion clinic at 2 o'clock in the fucking afternoon? Shouldn't they be at work? If they fucking read the Bible, they would know that slothing around being a lazy fuck is a sin. God damned motherfucking bitches!"

Listen to TYRONE and go do your good deed for the day and work hard to save up for that abortion. Women still have the right to work, right?"

George Bush is anti abortion.

So what? Since when has he done something that the people of the United States have %100 agreed on? Take a look at the people he hangs out with? Do you think they're cool? Do you think what happened with Enron was cool? Then not only is getting an abortion cool because you will be doing exactly what uncool people want you to do, but you will be making women cool at the same time, because there is nothing cooler than being a woman (especially a girlfriend) who is not pregnant anymore.

So what the hell does this have anything to do with women's rights?

Women have to stick together and fight this evil , because if we are to tell them that they have no control over their body, then they are worth less than men. I'll tell you what, if us guys don't stick up for these women, these women are going to retaliate and start chopping off our nuts.

Seriously, abortion is a very difficult issue to talk about, but there are a lot of issues other people will not want to talk about. How about all those existing unwanted children? Sometimes women are encouraged to keep the child and put it up for adoption, but that child will not be better off at a state run orphanage, where they make it nearly impossible to adopt a damn kid. Also, young mothers who irresponsibly have children are mostly incapable of raising children. (Having the parents help out does not count, since they still get to go out and bang the baby's father, and when they get into a fight, his friends.)

How many of you have seen a kid and his mother at the store and thought to yourself: Dang, that kid's gonna be fucked up!
Well guess what, he's going to kill your ass in 15 years because his mother didn't get the abortion and he had to grow up on a crack house because she was "pressured" at keeping the child when she was only 16 years old!!

There are a lot of capable, young, soon-to-be mothers out there, but there are others who are not as assured of their parenting skills, or the daily pressures of such a sudden lifestyle change. The thought that they have a choice to determine their fate for the rest of their lives is comforting and the American way. We are the first country to fight for women's rights in other parts of the world, so I will fight for them here.


eat me.
January 2004
Dr. fritz: Unlicensed Medical

P.S. Early on in my education, I had this teacher who was pissed off at people who were having abortions because she couldn't conceive with her husband. Well, I do have good news for her. Unlike the dodo birds who were brought to extinction by man, there is an abundance of unwanted babies being born every day, but I guess other people's babies are not good enough for her. So what are we to do with pro-life kids then?

I guess she just feels jealous that other people seem to "throw" away the miracle of life that is denied her. Just like one man's trash is another man's treasure, one couple's miracle is another couple's mistake. It sucks that some people in this world cannot conceive, but..hey, you know what...I think I should stop before I say something really insensitive, like, maybe her husband doesn't realize how lucky he is, or maybe she can conceive but her husband is the problem, so should just find another sucker to father her baby. Or maybe she should go read a book called Origins of Species.

Always wear condoms, kids!

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