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It means not knocking up your girlfriend so you can keep porking her over and over, you silly rabbit!

I firmly believe that Planned Parenthood begins at home, but most people tend to think that it begins after something awful has happened and then later on claim that it is the most wonderful thing in the world and actually start to believe what they say!

I need to stress that I do not think babies are bad, and in fact am an advocate for children's rights, especially for children's rights to have adequate parents!

Planned Parenthood means that you plan to be a parent, so here are some guidelines to avoid becoming parents when you do not want to:

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Think about it. If Saddam Hussein's mother had an abortion, we would not be at war with Iraq!

Just say no to sex.
This is the hardest thing to do but it would be irresponsible of me not to say it, so when you are feeling stupid when you find out that you got your girl pregnant, at least you weren't completely stupid because you have the knowledge of how girls get pregnant!!

Alway, always wear a rubber!

The pull out method never works.

Always wear a rubber, but most importantly, ALWAYS CARRY A RUBBER. I think most guys would wear a rubber, but for some reaon, guys get the opportunity to have sex when they least expect it, and therefore don't have protection with them.

There is always going to be a bozo out there who will claim the PULL OUT method always works! Don't be that stupid BOZO! The PULL OUT method works until your girl gets pregnant!

ABORTION. I hope nobody burns down my house for me suggesting this, but as a doctor, abortion is a cure for pregnancy, but most importantly, it is Planned Parenthood, since you are deciding wether to be parents or not. The only negative aspect that I can think of for abortion is that ultimately it is the woman's choice and no matter what you say, most girls will say it is against their morals or religion regardless of how many times they have been porked over and over before marraige. That is all I have to say about abortion.

Dr. Fritz: Unlicensed Medical Guy

Go to a tittie bar. Those girls don't get pregnant!

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