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Tijuana, Mexico, home to some of the best tittie bars in the world!

But what is it about this tittie bar that makes it great? First off, the girls are top notch, and they provide some of the best shows anywhere! Hard seats are good to find as the tipping table is always packed, so make sure once you grab a few good seats, don't let go of them!!

Conveniently located in Revolucion Ave, this is the party street, so you don't have to worry about getting lost, mugged, raped while you are chillin' in Tijuana. Best thing to do is once you walk over the border and into Tijuana, flag a taxi (this is real easy) and tell him you want to go to Peanuts & Beer! If anything, print out the Peanuts flyer above and hand it to him and tell him you want to go there!

Entrance is free, but you got to buy alcohol, but if you manage to take a few friends, splitting up the cost over a bucket of beer is not a bad idea. Buckets of beer are $35 , which includes 10 beers and a small bottle of Tequila! That is still cheap because tipping at the table is only one dollar, and let's just say the dollar is strong in Mexico!!

Lap dances are $20, and if you guys are good, and if the demand is there, I will make a guide to Tijuana informing you of all the crazy trouble you can get into down south of the border!!

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