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A client told me this story:

About 12-13 years ago....laying in bed with a woman I'd had 'relations' with...

She: What would you say if I told you something...?

Me: Thinking to myself 'Oh Fuck!!!! Is it disease, psychotic ex husband, or a baby???'

She: Not that it matters anymore

Me: LOooooooooooooooooooooong breath of relief!

She had been impregnated....but apparently it didnt take, and was a flush-a-bye.
It's not that I never wanted to use condoms...just had too many break on me, even with proper storage and errrr deployment.

end of his story...

Every day, thousands upons thousands, hell, millions of guys wish they experienced the same happiness and joy this guy did upon hearing the news of his girlfriend getting knocked up, and eventual abortion.

This guy is a lucky guy for getting a girl knocked up with half a brain who took it upon herself to rectify the situation when her boyfriend needed her the most. Because of his girlfriend's courage, he probably didn't have to trade in his 1987 Trans Am to start saving for junior's college fund.

I hope that this situation repeats itself in many parts of the country if Plan A didn't work. This guy admitted to being too lazy to wear a condom, he said they always broke, probably because he was too damned cheap to buy the good stuff. Guys, if you are too lazy to get some reliable condoms to use, then imagine how lazy you will be when your beautiful girlfriend gains about 50 pounds and wakes your lazy ass in the morning to go get her some McDonald's, when there is perfectly good food she can cook herself at home.

When this situation arises and hopefully ends the same with the woman taking care of the problem, it is gentlemanly of the guy to at least take the girl out to a romantic dinner followed by crazy wild sex, since the plumbing down there will not work for at least a couple of weeks. wants to recognize our readers who have been through this situation and lived to tell about it, but please...this is a situation that should never be repeated.


-Dr. Fritz: Unlicensed Medical Guy

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