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    iraqi dude    

the luckiest iraqi alive!

what happened:

During some of his many patrols in Iraq, it became apparent to Dr. Fritz (yes he was in the marines and he was in Iraq) and the rest of the Marines with him that there was a lack of poontang in Iraq. Iraq was the opposite of "knee-deep in pussy". Dr. Fritz soon realized that the reason there was a lack of women was due to the lack of interest in women by the men of Iraq. Dr. Fritz correctly deduced that the reason the men didn't pay attention to women is because they forgot what they looked like since they were always covered up, and a lot of the women in fact look like camels in drag.

With an FHM magazine lying around, Dr. Fritz then observed a fellow marine give his treasured magazine to an Iraqi, making him the luckiest guy within a 100 mile radius, for in his possession he held the holy grail, something more sacred than his beloved Koran. The Iraqi held in his hands an assorted collection of photographs of half naked white women. But that is not what makes him lucky. He is honored by because he lived to tell about it after a bunch of 50 or so other Iraqi's started to chase his ass in an attempt to catch a glimpse of half naked white chicks! wants to recognize this Iraqi and hopes that somewhere out there in war torn Iraq is an Iraqi whacking it to the many pages of half naked white chicks, instead of shooting at American forces.

-Dr. Fritz: Unlicensed Medical Guy

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naked white chicks!!
Bring more FHM!

(bottom picture is my marine buddy educating the lucky Iraq!)

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