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    Tom Leykis    

Listen to Tom week day afternoons!

What he did:

Tom Leykis gets paid money to talk the truth about women and the issues men really care about. He is the man, the myth, the legend, the Godfather you never had whom you turn to when you are having difficulties breaking up with your girlfriend.

Tom has given us Flash Friday, a tradition which has listeners drive around with their headlights on during Friday afternoons, in hopes of luring a woman in exposing her breasts, rewarding their loyalty to Tom Leykis.

As much as women hate him, Tom is still on the radio educating his listeners, providing hope that one day men will be afforded the same rights as women!

Tom, and Dr. Fritz would like to let you know that we are very jealous of you and would do anything for a chance to be a guest on your show, and would also like to take this time to give you credit for being an inspiration to our site!

-Dr. Fritz: Unlicensed Medical Guy

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