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    Bill Gates    

don't hate me 'cuz I'm rich, hate me 'cuz you aren't rich, bitch!

What he did:

Bill Gates is a rich motherfucker, and founder of Microsoft, the most powerful entity in the known universe!!

Once a poor little nerd who got picked on by grade school bullies, he is now among the most influential and powerful men in the world. Past bullies everywhere now crap their pants wondering when Mr. Gates will execute his revenge and make them dissapear in the middle of the night!

Mr. Gates helped make computers cool when he wasn't cool. Now, with all the money he would never need, he is Mr. Cool and he makes you think twice before beating up that nerd that sits next to you in class!

Mr. Gates, wants to thank you for making it possible to create this website (proudly made on a PC!) and wishes you the best of luck on your future endeavors. If taking over the world is your dream, only in America will you be able to fulfill such a prophecy!

-Dr. Fritz: Unlicensed Medical Guy

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