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Hell no! There is nothing like having a woman in the worst possible ways and having someone grab you by the hair and not letting go of you! But some of you guys have been fooled into thinking that you have to wait for sex.

Dr. Fritz is here to break down the horrible myths and to justify a young man's quest for sex! Hopefully you have already been properly educated on being a responsible young man.

This section is an ongoing project.

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When saying no means never having to put up with her crap!


Have you ever bought something from the internet, and then once that item was delivered to your home it was not what you expected?

Relationships are the same way. You can sort of have an idea what a person is like, but how can you give them a LIFELONG commitment without knowing what they are like in the sack? What if you find out that she is lousy in bed or that she doesn't even want it all the time? I am here to break down and reveal some misconceptions I have heard many young men reveal about their views on sex.

Dr.Fritz's list of myths.

MYTH #1: I don't need to have sex all the time

Yeah right. It is not that you don't need sex all the time, you are just used to not having sex all the time. There are girls out there that like to have sex all the time and it doesn't mean they are sluts. It means that they find you desirable, and there is no better feeling in the world than being desireable.

MYTH #2: Sex should be special

The majority of guys get girlfriends because they ultimately want to nail them. It is just that a conflict of interest arises when you have a horny young male and a chaste young woman going out together. What is more likely to happen is that he will marry her for the wrong reasons: to have sex with her, when all he has to do is get it somewhere else. Remember gentlemen, for every girl that will not put out, there are hundreds of others that will, and %98 fat free!

Myth #3: You shouldn't pay for sex.

It's your money. You will pay for sex in some way or another. Sometimes paying for sex is cheaper than buying the girl flowers, or taking her to dinner a couple of times, movies, etc, etc. Never underestimate paying for sex, you usually get a lot more in terms of wild naughty fun, since you are doing a thrilling act of paying for it anyways. When you pay for sex, it's more like an adventure and you are there to have a good time, with no awkward cuddling, no pressure on calling her back or buying her dinner. Most girls would want to get paid for sex if they could anyways, just remember to wear protection and go to a reputable place, like the bunny ranch!!

Myth #4: Only sex maniacs like sex or think about sex all the time.

So you are a sex maniac. It's normal. Your dad was a sex maniac. Your grandfather was a sex maniac, and hell, even Thomas Jefferson was a sex maniac!! If Thomas Jefferson was a sex maniac, then hell, it must be okay to be a sex maniac!

Myth #5: Thinking about sex all the time makes you want to harm girls.

No! Being a sick perverted individual is what makes sick minds harm women!

Myth #6: It is against my religion.

If it is against your religion to have sex, that is fine. But if it is against her religion and you don't have a problem with sex, then seek out another girl that feels the same way you do! Obviously, if you have gotten this far on my website then relgioius beliefs do not dictate your everyday life.

Myth #7: I can masturbate.

Masturbate all you want, but wouldn't it be nice to give your hand a break and let someone else do the work for you? Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. Get out of the house already, give your hand a rest and go find yourself a girl!

Myth #8: Sex is not important in a relationship.

What incentive do you have to put up with a woman in the first place? Think of sex as the glue of the relationship. Take sex out of the equation, and what you are left with is essentially another guy. Think about it, if sex was not important, why in the hell did God put tits and ass on a woman and give guys a penis? If you truly honestly think sex is not important in a relationship, then chop off your penis.

Myth #9: Sex is a dirty activity.

Sex is supposed to be dirty! But it is not dirty in a dirt and mud sort of way, it is just that some people are not used to their own bodies and what it can do.

Myth #10: My significant other has a headache.

This is even more reasons to have sex, since it helps her body produce some sort of chemicals to make her headache go away. The reason that this is included as a myth is that it is a myth. She doesn't really have a headache, she just doesn't want to have sex with you. Go get it somewhere else.

Dr. fritz
February 2004
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