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Why Gays shouldn't get married to straight people - by Dr. Fritz

Recently in the news, there was this story about a gay public official who came out of the closet after being married many years. She was one hell of a wife, still standing by his side after he made his sexual orientation public, along with the fact that he was involved in extramarital affairs. I know in this day and age it is not politically correct to bash homos and hate them, but I don't see how his wife, after raising a family with him and being together for so long, just didn't pack up her bags and leave or go drown her kids and then shoot herself. It was reported that they were still good friends and that he still loved her. If he really loved her, regardless of what societal pressures he felt, he should have never married a woman, only to destroy her life later on, and yes I mean destroy.

Not only is she now officially a fag hag, she is worse than a fag hag because she married a fag. She did not marry a guy who loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She should get the divorce and collect all the alimony she can get from this guy before this homo gets sued from his former lover!!!

I have respect for gays, they are people and have feelings and can be good friends, but I do not have respect for stupid people, and this guy just happens to be a stupid gay person. He is so stupid, he didn't even know he was gay when he was married.

Because of this, I believe that all marraiges should have a gay clause added to the wedding vows, adding that if either partner decides to be gay later on in the marraige, they have to pay a hefty fine. This is not a hate issue against gays, but a preventive measure not to be taken lightly. No person, gay or straight, should take marraige lightly that they wish they can be selfish later on in life and destroy a marraige because of something they were not sure of. This "fine" will really have them thinking about their sexual orientation.

It is possible for people to change their sexual orientation over time, and they can do so if they wish, just not when another person is compromised.

I know there are a lot of people saying that a couple can overcome this and still be together, but what kind of bull shit is that? So this gay comes out of the closet and he can still be a good father? Of course he can, but let's not forget about his "wife" who is now all of a sudden desexualized in one of the most horrific ways, and will have to adjust to the sudden turn of events. A woman is entitled to a happy marraige and loving husband, just as the children are entitled to a good father.

To the clueless, get a clue. If you are a guy and are not sure if you like sucking cock, go to the strip down Sunset and try it. For the women who are not sure if they would like to suck on some nice big titties, then just head over to the local tittie bar and give it a try! It will be the best 20 bucks ever spent.

I know gays can sometimes be a confused bunch of monkeys, and that is why people like to make fun of them. If gays stopped being so god damn confusing, there would be a bit more acceptance, because remember guys, you either like it up the ass or you don't! Don't wait until you turn 55 to tell your wife you never enjoyed those late night blow jobs and threesomes with her best friend.

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